Damp Course Injection Dryzone Hire

Quick to install
Up to 3 times faster than standard damp-proofing injection systems.
Simple to install
Less scope for operator error
Concentrated formulation
Eliminates the need to introduce large volumes of liquid carrier into the wall. Dryzone is over four times stronger than many competing products.
Low hazard
Non-caustic, non-flammable, not injected under pressure.
Solvent-free formulation
Does not contain white spirit or iso-paraffins.
Spillage & mess virtually eliminated
No problems with damp-proofing fluid leaking into neighbouring rooms or properties.
No electric DPC pump required
Can be used in situations where power is not available.
Independent tests demonstrate that Dryzone provides a more effective barrier to rising damp than competing products.

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Additional Information

Additional information


Damp Course Injection Dryzone Hire

Safety Equipment

Gloves / Goggles


Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine


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