Drywall Screwdriver Tek Gun Hire

Electric Drywall Screwdriver Tek gun
Tek or Hex screw applications.
Max Wood Screw: No. 12×2″
Max Self Drilling Screw: 6mm
Driving Shank (Euro Fit): 1/4″ Hex
Torque S/H Nm: 14/23
No Load Speed: 0-2,500rpm
Input wattage: 510w
Net Weight: 1.7kg
Drywall Screwdriver Tek gun for Tec and Hex screws / this tool helps with speed and installation of any dry wall project

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Additional Information

Additional information


Drywall Screwdriver Tek Gun Hire

Safety Equipment

Gloves / Goggles / Dust mask


Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine


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