Post Hole Borer 1-2 Man 2/Stroke Hire

A powerful partner for hard landscaping, farm work and construction projects, the STIHL earth auger is a particularly hard-working, two-man machine which has returned to Great Britain with a powerful new engine and enhanced features list.
Drilling holes in even hard soils the auger is a real portable powerhouse, ideal for use where a tractor-mounted machine for example, can not access a site.
Driven by a robust STIHL 2-MIX engine that meets stringent international (EUII) emissions regulations, the motor delivers 2.9kW power to a range of auger attachments. Crucially it also drives impressively high torque, and its relatively slow 50rpm spindle speed powers the auger steadily and comfortably into even tough soil.
Operation is straightforward and for two-person use, enabling absolute control of the auger’s level and depth. Each operator holds a large handlebar; one person controls the throttle to drive the engine speed and the other controls a stop-switch that is in easy fingertip reach.

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Post Hole Borer 1-2 Man 2/Stroke Hire

Safety Equipment

Ear defenders / Goggles / Gloves


Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine


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