Steam Cleaner Pure Steam Electric Hire

Controls for steaming and vacuuming conveniently located on the handle
Blowing feature, expels air from the machine to blast away dust and cobwebs in hard to reach areas (behind radiators, cooker hoods etc.)
Infinitely variable steam adjustment
Compact cleaner is easy to manoeuvre and store
High temperature steam completely sterilises and sanitises, killing germs and bacteria, it breaks down grease, deodorises, all without the need for chemicals
Steam cleaning uses less water to do the same job as traditional cleaning methods
Costs are saved on the associated supply, treatment and disposal of water as well as on the reduction in the use of chemicals in the cleaning programme
Safety features include a boiler pressure switch and thermostat, a heater element thermostat and a mechanical safety valve

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Additional Information

Additional information


Steam Cleaner Pure Steam Electric Hire

Safety Equipment

Gloves / Goggles


Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine


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