Tile Saw Bridge Saw 1200mm Porcelain Rubi

Recent popularity in 20mm porcelain floor tiles means the 1200mm Rubi / Norton Overhead Tile Saw / Bridge Saws are more popular than ever, with a long cutting bed they are able to cope with the largest tile sizes availabl


  • Removable aluminium bed for easy cleaning.
  • Folding legs with built-in wheels
  • Full blade cover so various blade types can be used.
  • Engine set with sliding bearings.
  • Aluminium bracket adjustable from 0° to 60°
  • 1.5 cv/hp motor
  • Cutting length up to 1205mm
  • Cuts up to 85mm thickness.
  • Additional accessories available
Additional Information

Additional information


Tile Saw Bridge Saw 1200mm Porcelain Rubi

Safety Equipment

Goggles / Gloves / Ear defenders


Full working and safety instructions are attached to the machine


Tile Saw Safety Leaflet


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